Ubuntu 14.04: Preliminary Support

On April 17, Ubuntu released 14.04 LTS ("Trusty"). At this time, Debathena supports the debathena-standard and debathena-login metapackages.

Graphical logins (including debathena-workstation and debathena-login-graphical) have a number of issues, due to the transition to Upstart user sessions, therefore we do not recommend that you upgrade at this time.

We expect to deploy version 14.04 to the IS&T Athena Clusters later this summer. Anyone who does not require 14.04 for hardware support is encouraged to wait until later this summer to upgrade.

Ubuntu 12.04 ("Precise") will continue to receive security and bugfix updates from Ubuntu through April 2017.

Debathena is the technology powering the newest Athena workstations running Ubuntu Linux, as well as hundreds of Debian and Ubuntu desktops and laptops across MIT, by providing Athena workstation software via Debian packages and repositories.

On your personal computer, installing Debathena will give you easy access to the software and files in Athena AFS lockers, as well as to standard Athena commands and utilities. You can also install the set of packages for a private workstation or server with Athena accounts, or choose any set of of packages in between.

Debathena was created by SIPB, MIT's student computing group, and is now a collaboration between SIPB and IS&T, the central IT department. Since 2009, Debathena has been the standard Athena release, powering the public workstations in Athena clusters as well as IS&T's athena.dialup service.