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We use e-mail and Twitter to provide information about changes to Debathena. To receive updates by e-mail, you can yourself to the debathena-announce mailing list (authentication required).

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Debathena is the technology powering the public workstations in Athena clusters (public computing labs) throughout campus, as well as hundreds of Debian and Ubuntu desktops, laptops, and servers across MIT, by providing Athena workstation software via Debian packages and repositories.

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On your personal computer, installing Debathena will give you easy access to the software and files in Athena AFS lockers, as well as to standard Athena commands and utilities. You can also install the set of packages for a private workstation or server with Athena accounts, or choose any set of of packages in between.

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Contribute To It

Debathena began as a student project, created by some members of SIPB, MIT's student computing group. It continues as a collaboration between SIPB and IS&T, MIT's central IT department. All the Debathena source code is available on GitHub, and patches, bugfixes, and new contributions are always welcome.

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