Debathena development

All Debathena packages are available in Git. Each package is in its own repository in the mit-athena team on Github. To checkout all the Debathena sources, run

git clone athena
git submodule init
git submodule update

Open issues are tracked in our Trac instance. Members of the MIT Community can log in and report new issues, or comment on existing ones.

Debathena uses the Linux kernel’s Signed-off-by procedure for external contributions to the project. If you send us a patch, please sign off on the patch.

Debathena-specific software

As Debathena was developed, some interesting software engineering challenges emerged. The Debathena developers came up with a number of cool hacks to work around these problems.


The config-package-dev framework is one of the more popular pieces of software to come out of the project, and is now available in the standard Debian and Ubuntu repositories. It provides a clean way to install configuration files in Debian packages while not overwriting existing customizations on individual machines, and affording machine administrators some flexibility. Visit the config-package-dev site for more information.


Contact the Debathena developers by emailing You can also reach us on Zephyr -c sipb -i debathena.