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Revision 12813, 1.8 KB checked in by ghudson, 25 years ago (diff)
De-restrict quota. Leave rpcsvc restricted. It'd be nice if we could avoid error messages for directories which are gone (quota/rpcsvc, login, gdss, ftpd, and some day lpr and mwm).
  • Property svn:executable set to *
[8840]3genacl="read:source read read:staff read adm:source la"
[12813]5case $1 in
7        genacl="$genacl write:staff write"
8        ;;
10        genacl="$genacl write:update write"
11        ;;
13        echo "Usage: $0 {repository|wd}"
14        exit 1
15        ;;
18public="$genacl system:anyuser read"
19fascist="$genacl system:anyuser l"
20auth="$genacl system:anyuser l system:authuser read"
22attach -h -n -q gnu
23`athdir /mit/gnu bin`/gfind . -noleaf \
24        -path ./athena/bin/lpr -prune -o \
[12813]25        -path ./athena/bin/quota/rpcsvc -prune -o \
[8839]26        -path ./athena/bin/login -prune -o \
27        -path ./athena/bin/write -prune -o \
28        -path ./athena/bin/voldump -prune -o \
29        -path ./athena/lib/gdss/lib -prune -o \
30        -path ./athena/etc/synctree -prune -o \
31        -path ./athena/etc/ftpd -prune -o \
[9768]32        -path ./athena/etc/snmp -prune -o \
[12452]33        -path ./third/motif -prune -o \
[9768]34        -path ./third/mwm -prune -o \
[9092]35        -path ./third/transcript -prune -o \
[8839]36        -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $public -clear -dir
38find athena/bin/lpr -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $fascist -clear -dir
[12813]39find athena/bin/quota/rpcsvc -type d -print \
40        | xargs fs sa -acl $fascist -clear -dir
[8839]41find athena/bin/login -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $fascist -clear -dir
42find athena/bin/write -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $fascist -clear -dir
43find athena/bin/voldump -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $fascist -clear -dir
44find athena/lib/gdss/lib -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $fascist -clear -dir
45find athena/etc/synctree -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $auth -clear -dir
46find athena/etc/ftpd -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $fascist -clear -dir
[9645]47find athena/etc/snmp -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $auth -clear -dir
[12452]48find third/motif -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $fascist -clear -dir
[9768]49find third/mwm -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $fascist -clear -dir
[9092]50find third/transcript -type d -print | xargs fs sa -acl $fascist -clear -dir
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