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athinfo: Apply the timeout to the entire query, not just the connection. An athinfo query could run for an arbitrary amount of time, which is really just as bad as taking an arbitrary time trying to establish a connection. Instead of timing out on the connect() itself, set an alarm before we connect and exit if the alarm goes off.
1.\" $Id: athinfo.1,v 1.5 2006-05-22 18:20:35 amb Exp $
3.\" Copyright 1998-2009 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
5.\" Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
6.\" software and its documentation for any purpose and without
7.\" fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright
8.\" notice appear in all copies and that both that copyright
9.\" notice and this permission notice appear in supporting
10.\" documentation, and that the name of M.I.T. not be used in
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13.\" M.I.T. makes no representations about the suitability of
14.\" this software for any purpose.  It is provided "as is"
15.\" without express or implied warranty.
16.TH ATHINFO 1 "11 April 2009"
18athinfo \- Retrive information about a workstation
20.B athinfo [-t \fIsecs\fP] \fIhost\fP \fIquery\fP
22.IP "-t secs"
23max time to establish a connection and retrieve the query information
25.B athinfo
26retrieves information from a workstation running the athinfo daemon
28.BR athinfod (8)).
29Standard queries implemented on Athena workstations typically include:
31.TP 17
32.B queries
33The athinfo queries defined on the workstation
34.TP 17
35.B uname
36The workstation's "uname -a" output
37.TP 17
38.B machtype
39The platform name of the workstation
40.TP 17
41.B sysname
42The Athena system name of the workstation
43.TP 17
44.B cpuspeed
45The currently reported CPU speed of the workstation (may vary)
46.TP 17
47.B cputype
48The CPU type of the workstation
49.TP 17
50.B display
51The type of display on the workstation
52.TP 17
53.B disks
54The types of disks attached to the workstation
55.TP 17
56.B memory
57The amount of physical memory in the workstation
58.TP 17
59.B swap
60The workstation's swap configuration and free swap space
61.TP 17
62.B modules
63The workstation's currently-loaded kernel modules
64.TP 17
65.B packages
66The workstation's installed package list
67.TP 17
68.B rc.conf
69The contents of the workstation's Athena rc.conf file
70.TP 17
71.B version
72The contents of the workstation's Athena version file
73.TP 17
74.B clusterinfo
75The contents of the workstation's cached cluster information in C
76shell format.
77.TP 17
78.B clusterinfo.bsh
79The contents of the workstation's cached cluster information in Bourne
80shell format.
81.TP 17
82.B services
83The contents of the workstation's .services file
84.TP 17
85.B update.log
86The contents of the workstation's update log (only works if the
87workstation is set PUBLIC=true or is debathena-cluster)
88.TP 17
89.B reactivate.log
90The contents of the workstation's reactivate log (only works if the
91workstation is set PUBLIC=true or is debathena-cluster)
92.TP 17
93.B update-status
94On Debian/Ubuntu systems only, result of a simulated apt upgrade,
95including whether any packages were going to be upgraded. Note that
96this does not run aptitude update first!
97.TP 17
98.B policy
99On Debian/Ubuntu systems only, the apt repository policy, including
100all configured apt repositories/components and their priorities
101.TP 17
102.B hardware
103On Linux, the hardware's self-reported product name and version, from
104the DMI/SMBIOS interface
105.TP 17
106.B update.desync
107The contents of the workstation's update.desync file, if any
108.TP 17
109.B install.log
110The contents of the workstation's install log
111.TP 17
112.B date
113The workstation's local time
114.TP 17
115.B uptime
116The workstation's uptime, number of users, and load average
117.TP 17
118.B partitions
119The partition setup of the workstation's root disk
120.TP 17
121.B df
122The disk usage on the Athena-defined partitions of the workstation
123.TP 17
124.B interfaces
125The status of the workstation's network interfaces
126.TP 17
127.B routes
128The workstation's routing table
129.TP 17
130.B listeners
131A list of the workstation's TCP server sockets
132.TP 17
133.B login
1340 if logins on the workstation are enabled; 1 if not
135.TP 17
136.B patches
137On Solaris workstations only, the workstation's patch revision information
138.TP 17
139.B prom
140On Solaris workstations only, PROM version information
141.TP 17
142.B update.pkglog
143On Solaris workstations only, the contents of the workstation's package
144update log (only works if the workstation is set PUBLIC=true)
145.TP 17
146.B rvdinfo
147On Solaris workstations only, the contents of the .rvdinfo file on the
148workstation's system packs
149.TP 17
150.B verify.log
151On Red Hat workstations only, the contents of the workstation's boot-time
152public workstation verification log
153.TP 17
154.B xconf
155On Red Hat public workstations only, the contents of the workstation's X11
157.TP 17
158.B hinv
159On IRIX workstations only, displays the workstation's verbose hardware
161.TP 17
162.B instmach
163On IRIX workstations only, displays the machine variable settings
164determined by inst
165.TP 17
166.B instmachinv
167On IRIX workstations only, displays the machine variable settings used
168by inst the last time it ran
169.TP 17
170.B chkconfig
171On IRIX workstations only, displays the configuration settings set in
172.BR /etc/config
175.BR athinfod (8)
177Greg Hudson, MIT Information Systems
179Copyright 1998 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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