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3This directory contains the files for 'cxref', a C language cross
4referencing program.
6The makefile will build the program. Use 'make install' to put a copy in
7the right places.  Cxref is a driver, and goes in DESTDIR, which will be your
8local bin of choice.  LIB is where the programs go that do the work. The
9makefile makes the directory /usr/local/lib/cxref (i.e. LIB) to hold the
10programs.  The cxref driver is dependant on where LIB is.  I have them set to
11use my BIN.  BIN is taken from the environment, since I use the UNIX 4.0 make.
12SORT is the full pathname for the Unix sort program, sometimes /bin/sort,
13other times /usr/bin/sort.  Edit the makefile to set everything up properly.
15System III and V users should edit the file 'basename.c' to change the
16call to 'rindex' to 'strrchr'.
18The flow of information between programs is shown below.
19I suggest that you run the programs separately, successively adding the next
20program in a particular pipeline, to see how the information is transformed.
21The outline below of the flow of control does not necessarily show all
22the arguments that each program requires; see the source code to
23be sure, when you run the programs by hand.
25With some work in the cscan.l and cxref.c files, this program could be
26easily made to cross reference other languages.
28Here is a list of the files, and what they contain:
30README          --- this file.
31cxref.1         --- man page.
32makefile        --- the makefile.
34cxref.c         --- driver, calls all the other programs, does arg handling.
35old.cxref.c     --- old version, used the shell to do the dirty work.
36                    (this file can probably be deleted.)
38constdefs.h     --- header file, used by cscan.l and cxrfilt.c.
40cscan.l         --- does the work of finding indentifiers and contsants.
41docxref.c       --- main program and some other stuff to drive lex.
43cxrfilt.c       --- filters int and floats to their own files.
44                    also puts ints and floats back together after sorting.
46fmtxref.c       --- formats output for printing.
48SORT[1-3]       --- shell files to save typing during testing and development.
51For development, the flow of programs is:
53        docxref files | SORT1 | cxrfilt | fmtxref
54        SORT2 < tempfile1 | cxrfilt -i | fmtxref
55        SORT3 < tempfile2 | cxrfilt -f | fmtxref
57Arnold Robbins, Information and Computer Science, Georgia Tech
58        gatech!arnold
59January 1985.
60Copyright (c) 1985 by Arnold Robbins.
61All rights reserved.
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