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Snapshot the Debathena materials for Athena packages into "debian" subdirs of the relevant Athena sources, pulling from /mit/debathena/packages/athena. Some big caveats: - Six Debathena packages are excluded because the current Athena 10 project plan does not call for building them: config-console console, dotfiles, glue, olc, and xscreensaver. (dotfiles and glue will be replaced with new Debathena-specific packages.) - Debathena does not cover all Athena packages which are called for to be built; Debian directories for these packages will have to be created. - Some of the packages contain patches, managed by quilt. The plan is to review and apply (or otherwise address) these patches and eliminate them. - The debian/rules files for Debathena packages are designed for use with the result of the athena-tarball script (from /mit/debathena/packages/athena/bin which I don't currently plan to import), and will not work with the raw source directories. The plan here is to write a CDBS extension package containing rules to handle raw Athena source directories, and then modify the rules files appropriately.
1#!/bin/sh -e
2# /usr/lib/emacsen-common/packages/remove/debathena-discuss-emacs
7if [ ${FLAVOR} != emacs ]; then
8    echo remove/${PACKAGE}: purging byte-compiled files for ${FLAVOR}
9    rm -rf /usr/share/${FLAVOR}/site-lisp/${PACKAGE}
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