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1The Athena source code was obtained from the Athena CVS repository at
2/afs/, and is licensed as follows:
4  Copyright 1996 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
6  Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
7  software and its documentation for any purpose and without
8  fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright
9  notice appear in all copies and that both that copyright
10  notice and this permission notice appear in supporting
11  documentation, and that the name of M.I.T. not be used in
12  advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the
13  software without specific, written prior permission.
14  M.I.T. makes no representations about the suitability of
15  this software for any purpose.  It is provided "as is"
16  without express or implied warranty.
18This Debian package was created as part of the Debian-Athena Project
19<> of the MIT Student Information
20Processing Board, and is released to the public domain.
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