source: trunk/athena/bin/hostinfo @ 12350

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
gethostnamadr.c 10.5 KB 12090   26 years ghudson Bounds-check addresses array. Expand MAXALIASES and MAXADDRS. Fix an ...
hostinfo.1 1.3 KB 5279   33 years epeisach [tom] mx queries and fixes to allow multiple host lookups\
hostinfo.c 6.4 KB 12350   25 years ghudson Some RCS ID cleanup: delete $Log$ and replace other RCS keywords with ...
Imakefile 292 bytes 8130   29 years miki have to make on srvd the directory sbin; now srvd and os are separate
res_query.c 7.6 KB 12030   26 years ghudson From svalente: rename hostalias() to avoid system header conflicts.
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