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[683]1.\"     -*- nroff -*- mode
2.\"     $Source: /afs/,v $
[11915]3.\"     $Author: ghudson $
4.\"     $Header: /afs/,v 1.19 1998-09-03 01:14:58 ghudson Exp $
[8404]5.TH MACHTYPE 1 "May 14 1996"
[683]6.SH NAME
7machtype \- Print machine type to standard output
9.B machtype
[11418]10[-c] [-d] [-r] [-M] [-v] [-A] [-L] [-P] [-N] [-E] [-S] [-C] [-k kernel] [-m memory]
12.I Machtype
[8404]13prints the CPU type to standard output.  It prints "sun4" when run on a
14Sun and "sgi" when run on an SGI.
[684]16.B -c
[8404]17Print the specific cpu type (e.g. SPARC/5 or IP22).
[684]19.B -d
[8404]20Print the types of display attached to the system (e.g.  "cgthree").
[771]22.B -r
[11915]23Print the types of any disk drives attached to the system, one to a
[8404]24line, as in "SUN0535".
26.B -M
[11915]27Print the physical memory present, in kilobytes.
[684]29.B -k
[11915]30Override the default kernel to examine for symbols.
[684]32.B -m
[11915]33Override the default memory image used to look up the specific cpu
34type, displays, and disk drives.
36.B -v
37Verbose output (suitable for humans to read, instead of computers).
39.B -A
40Print out the release that machtype was compiled under.
42.B -P
43Print out the version of the Athena system packs attached, from
44.I /srvd/.rvdinfo
46.B -L
47Print out the version of Athena installed on the local system from
48.I /etc/athena/version.
50.B -N
[8768]51Print out the name of the base operating system machtype was compiled
52under; if used with the "-v" flag, the version number of the OS will
53be included as well.  Current values for the name of the base OS are
54"SunOS" and "IRIX".
56.B -E
[8768]57Print out the version number of the base operating system machtype was
58compiled under.
60.B -S
61Print out the "Athena System" name for the current architecture. This
62value is normally stored in the environment variable ATHENA_SYS, and
63ideally corresponds to the AFS system name for the same machine
64assuming the machine were running AFS. This value is used in the Athena
65environment as part of a scheme for laying out filesystems containing
66binaries for multiple architectures. See \fIlockers\fR(7) for more
69.B -C
70Print out a colon-separated list of "Athena System" names that are
71compatible with the current architecture. This value is normally
72stored in the environment variable ATHENA_SYS_COMPAT, and is used by
73\fIathdir\fR(1) and \fIadd\fR(1) as a set of fallback values when a
74locker doesn't have binaries for the actual Athena System name.
76.I Machtype
77is useful for conditionalizing shell scripts, .login files, etc. in an
78environment that contains filesystems shared across several different
[7855]81csh(1), lockers(7)
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