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In machtype: * Add machtype -q, which outputs whether or not a workstation is a quickstation.
[683]1.\"     -*- nroff -*- mode
[12350]2.\"     $Id: machtype.1,v 1.21 1999-01-22 23:11:34 ghudson Exp $
[8404]3.TH MACHTYPE 1 "May 14 1996"
[683]4.SH NAME
5machtype \- Print machine type to standard output
7.B machtype
[24053]8[-c] [-d] [-r] [-M] [-v] [-A] [-L] [-P] [-N] [-E] [-S] [-C] [-q]
10.I Machtype
[8404]11prints the CPU type to standard output.  It prints "sun4" when run on a
12Sun and "sgi" when run on an SGI.
[684]14.B -c
[8404]15Print the specific cpu type (e.g. SPARC/5 or IP22).
[684]17.B -d
[8404]18Print the types of display attached to the system (e.g.  "cgthree").
[771]20.B -r
[11915]21Print the types of any disk drives attached to the system, one to a
[8404]22line, as in "SUN0535".
24.B -M
[11915]25Print the physical memory present, in kilobytes.
27.B -v
28Verbose output (suitable for humans to read, instead of computers).
30.B -A
31Print out the release that machtype was compiled under.
33.B -P
34Print out the version of the Athena system packs attached, from
35.I /srvd/.rvdinfo
37.B -L
38Print out the version of Athena installed on the local system from
39.I /etc/athena/version.
41.B -N
[8768]42Print out the name of the base operating system machtype was compiled
43under; if used with the "-v" flag, the version number of the OS will
44be included as well.  Current values for the name of the base OS are
45"SunOS" and "IRIX".
47.B -E
[8768]48Print out the version number of the base operating system machtype was
49compiled under.
51.B -S
52Print out the "Athena System" name for the current architecture. This
53value is normally stored in the environment variable ATHENA_SYS, and
54ideally corresponds to the AFS system name for the same machine
55assuming the machine were running AFS. This value is used in the Athena
56environment as part of a scheme for laying out filesystems containing
57binaries for multiple architectures. See \fIlockers\fR(7) for more
60.B -C
61Print out a colon-separated list of "Athena System" names that are
62compatible with the current architecture. This value is normally
63stored in the environment variable ATHENA_SYS_COMPAT, and is used by
64\fIathdir\fR(1) and \fIadd\fR(1) as a set of fallback values when a
65locker doesn't have binaries for the actual Athena System name.
67.B -q
68Print out "quickstation" if the workstation is a quickstation and
69"not_quickstation" if it is not.
71.I Machtype
72is useful for conditionalizing shell scripts, .login files, etc. in an
73environment that contains filesystems shared across several different
[7855]76csh(1), lockers(7)
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