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[19875]2.\" $Id: from.1,v 1.8 2003-10-06 21:09:56 rbasch Exp $
[5222]4.TH FROM 1
5.DA June 30, 1991
[5029]6.UC 4
[5222]8from \- who is my mail from?
[5237]10.B from
12.BR \-s " sender"
13] [
14.BR \-h " host"
15] [
[19239]16.BR \-m " mailbox"
17] [
18.BR \-A " | " \-N "
19] [
[5237]20.BR \-v " | " \-r " | " \-t
21] [
22.B \-d
23] [
24.B \-u
26.B \-p
27] [
28.B \-?
29] [ user ]
[5222]32.I from
[5029]33program prints out the mail header lines in your incoming mail
[19239]34to show you who your mail is from.  It does this by looking for mail
35in the local spool directory and then checking for mail marked as
36unseen on the post office server.  This command does not retrieve the
37mail from the post office or the spool directory.
[5237]39If no mail is waiting,
40.I from
41is silent unless one of
42.BR -v ", " -r ", or " -t
43is used, in which case it prints "You don't have any mail waiting."
44If the
45.B -n
46option is used,
47.I from
48is always silent if there is no mail.
[5222]50.I from
51understands the following options:
[5222]53.B \-s \fIsender\fR
54specifies that only headers for mail from
[5029]55.I sender
56are printed.
58.B \-h \fIhost\fR
59specifies that
[5029]60.I host
[5222]61should be consulted instead of your default post office server.
[19239]63.B \-m \fImailbox\fR
64specifies that the IMAP folder named
65.I mailbox
[19875]66should be checked.  For example, to check your MIT spam screening folder,
67specify \fI-m INBOX.Spamscreen\fR.  If this option is not specified,
[19239]68.I from
69checks the INBOX folder.
71.B \-A
72specifies that all messages in the IMAP mailbox should be checked,
73instead of only unseen messages.
75.B \-N
76specifies that only messages marked as new in the IMAP mailbox should
77be checked, instead of unseen messages.
[5222]79.B \-v
80specifies that any To, Date, or Subject fields should be displayed
81also, as well as a banner line list the number of messages waiting.
83.B \-r
84specifies that the From and Subject fields should be listed both on
85the same line.  If multiple subject fields occur in the message only
86the first one encounter will be listed.
[5237]88.B \-t
89specifies that only the total number of messages waiting should be
92.B \-d
93specifies that
94.I from
95should run in debug mode.
97.B \-u
98specifies that only the local mail drop should be checked.
100.B \-p
[19239]101specifies that only the post office server should be checked.
103.B \-?
104specifies that usage information should be printed, no mail check
107.B \fIuser\fR
108specifies that mail for
109.I user
110should be checked, rather than the current user.
[5029]111.SH "SEE ALSO"
[19239]112imtest(1), RFC\-2060 (Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4rev1)
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