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3.\" Copyright 1997 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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19quota \- display disk usage and limits
21.TP 8
22quota [\-v] [\-a | \-f filesystem [\-f filesystem ...]] [\-u] [user]
24.I Quota
25displays a user's disk usage and limits on local and NFS mounted file
26systems, as well as AFS lockers that have been attached. If a user is
27specified (by name or by id), \fIquota\fP will return information on
28disk usage and limits for that user. Normal users can only check their
29own quotas. The super-user may check any quota on local filesystems.
31\fIQuota\fP, without the \fB\-a\fP or \fB\-f\fP options, only
32processes local and NFS filesystems on which the user has an assigned
33quota, and those AFS filesystems that the user has attached and to
34which the user has write access at the filesystem's top-level
35directory. Without any options, \fIquota\fP displays warnings about
36those filesystems where usage is over quota. With AFS filesystems,
37warnings are displayed when 90% of the volume's quota has been
40.IP \fB\-a\fP
41This option specifies that all attached filesystems should be processed,
42regardless of who attached them and the user's ability to write to the
43filesystem.  Warnings or status messages that may result from the use of
44this option do not necessarily indicate that the user may be able to
45alter the usage or otherwise affect the situation.  Quota information is
46a representation of a user's limits should he have write access; it does
47not indicate that such write access exists.
48.IP \fB\-v\fP
49This option will display usages and limits for the user on all
50processed file systems where quotas exist. On NFS or local file
51systems, everyone has a "soft" limit for disk space usage (given in
52the first
53.B quota
54column) and a
55"hard" limit (given in the first
56.B limit
57column).  The amount of space
58currently in use is shown in the
59.B usage
60column.  These values
61are measured in kilobytes.
63When the "soft" limit is exceeded, the
64.B limit
65column will be marked with \fB<<\fP. If the higher "hard" limit is
66reached, you will no longer be able to write anything into the
69In addition, there is a quota and limit on the number of inodes (files and
70directories) that may exist.  Each file or directory counts as a single inode
71(the sum total of which is listed in the
72.B files
73column).  The soft and hard
74limits for inodes are similar to those for disk space usage, except that when
75the "hard" limit is reached, you will not be able to create new subdirectories
76or files within that filesystem.
78If no quotas for the user (or groups that the user is a member of) exist
79on any mounted file systems, nothing will be displayed.
81In an AFS locker, there is no quota on the number of files you can
82create as long as your disk usage remains under quota.
84.IP \fB\-f\fP filesystem
85With this option, quota information will be returned on any specified
86filesystems.  The filesystem must be specified as the mount-point or as
87the Hesiod name by which it was attached.  A single filesystem name
88must be present with each \fB\-f\fP option.  For example, a typical
89command to check one's home directory quota would be:
91.RS 16
92quota -v -f $USER
95Up to 16 `\fB\-f\fP filesystem' pairs may be specified.  If the given
96filesystem name doesn't match any mounted filesystems, a suitable
97error message to that effect is printed.
99Note that the user will always be warned about quota problems on lockers
100that are explicitly specified with -f, whether or not they have write
101access to the filesystem.  Quota is a representation of limits that the
102user would have should he have write access; it does not indicate if
103such write access exists.
105.IP \fB\-u\fP
106This option indicates that user quotas, and not group quotas, are to
107be reported verbosely. Group quotas are no longer supported, so this
108option is now equivalent to the \fB\-v\fP option.
112quotactl(2), quotaon(1m), edquota(1m), rquotad(1m)
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