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document -warp, as well as -zoom and the color-changing options
[12283]1.TH XCLUSTER 1 "July 3, 1995"
2.UC 4
4xcluster \- display MIT map, give info about Athena clusters
6xcluster [-help] [-rv] [-inactive timeout] [-auto time]
7         [-geometry {+/-}x{+/-}y]
10.I Xcluster
11displays a map of the MIT campus and marks the location of Project
12Athena public clusters with an "X".  The user can click
13on the map, and information about the cluster nearest the mouse-click
14is displayed.  The clusters are also listed in a row of buttons below
15the map, and the user may click one of those buttons instead.
17Once a cluster has been selected, a circle is drawn around it so that it
18is more easily spotted.
19.I Xcluster
20then contacts a server that tracks the number of workstations
21free and in-use for each cluster, and displays that information for the
22cluster chosen.  Printer status for that cluster is also displayed, as
23well as phone number(s), where available.
[12492]25Xcluster can also run in a non-interactive mode, where it cycles
26through the clusters automatically. It can also be made to cycle
27through a series of foreground and background colors, to prevent
28screen burn-in on the dedicated xcluster machines that run this
29program all the time.
[12283]31.SH OPTIONS
32.PD 0
33.TP 21
34.B \-rv
35display map and window in reverse-video
36.TP 21
37.B \-inactive timeout
38exit after
39.I timeout
40seconds of inactivity.
41.TP 21
42.B \-auto time
43cycle through the clusters, selecting each for
44.I time
46.TP 21
47.B \-geometry
48specify an x,y location for placement of window
[12492]49.TP 21
50.B \-zoom
51causes the campus map to be moved and resized to the largest size such
52that all of the clusters still fit.
53.TP 21
54.B \-warp
55causes the pointer to be warped to the top, left corner of the screen
56when xcluster starts up.
57.TP 21
58.B \-color[012] colors
59specify a set of colors to be cycled through.
60.I colors
61should be a space-separated list of X colors.
62.TP 21
63.B \-fg color
64specifies the foreground color for the map and text. If
65.I color
66is one of the color sets
67.I color0\fP, \fIcolor1\fP, or \fIcolor2\fP,
68then the foreground color will cycle through the colors in that set.
69.TP 21
70.B \-bg color
71specifies the color or colors for the background.
72.TP 21
73.B \-circlecolor
74specifies the color or colors for the circles and arrows on the
75cluster map.
76.TP 21
77.B \-changetime time
78specifies how many seconds pass between color changes. The default is
793600 (one hour).
[12283]80.PD 1
83.I Xcluster's
84class is Xcluster, and its instance is xcluster.  It accepts the
85following resources:
87.PD 0
88.TP 15
90true: use white-on-black instead of black-on-white.
91default is off.
92.TP 15
94number of seconds of inactivity after which it dies.
95.TP 15
97number of seconds to keep each cluster selected while automatically cycling through them.
98.TP 15
100an x, y location.
101.PD 1
106X(1)    for discussion of X geometry and resources
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