source: trunk/athena/bin @ 15885

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
access 13586   25 years danw build with warnings enabled
aklog 15412   24 years ghudson Mention -force in usage message.
athdir 13589   25 years danw add prototypes, remove unused variables, and reorganize a bit to make this ...
athinfo 15089   24 years ghudson Update.
athrun 14470   24 years ghudson athrun, a convenient user front end for attachandrun.
attach 15801   23 years ghudson From rbasch: update for recent change to add.c.
attachandrun 14643   24 years ghudson Install in lbindir.
bugme 15375   24 years ghudson Fix location of quickstations file.
config_console 14016   25 years ghudson Fix typo.
cxref 13639   25 years danw change (int) casts to (unsigned char) in ctype calls
dash 15011   24 years ghudson Add linux.
delete 13423   25 years ghudson The build system will take care of these files now.
dent 13591   25 years danw redo in Athena coding style, add read_line so it works on files with lines ...
discuss 15700   23 years ghudson From kolya: fix buffer overflows.
finger 15349   24 years ghudson From kolya: fix bug in last rev resting for login time.
from 13824   25 years ghudson Use new AC_SEARCH_LIBS macro.
get_message 14351   24 years ghudson Don't declare h_error; that's netdb.h's job.
getcluster 14871   24 years ghudson Put spaces before semicolons to make awk processing of the output work ...
hesinfo 14160   25 years ghudson Fix a bug noticed by Aaron (hesiod_free_string() takes two arguments).
hostinfo 15351   24 years ghudson From kolya: handle multiple MX records.
install 14021   25 years danw warns
just 13628   25 years danw reindent and remove really gross macros
lert 15812   23 years zacheiss Bomb out if we retried our max number of times and didn't get a response ...
machtype 15885   23 years ghudson Nuke unused variables.
neos 13635   25 years danw NEOS clients, from athena/lib/neos/clients
newpag 13423   25 years ghudson The build system will take care of these files now.
olc 15304   24 years zacheiss Always forward a question to pending and zephyr about it if the status was ...
panel-wrapper 15484   24 years ghudson Rough cut of a program to confirm panel logouts.
passwd 15305   24 years ghudson The Linux /usr/bin/passwd doesn't like non-root users specifying a ...
quota 14022   25 years danw make -f work correctly
rkinit 14326   24 years ghudson strcmp() returns 0 on equal comparison, not NULL.
saferm 14144   25 years ghudson Fix section number in .TH.
sendbug 13428   25 years danw only grab the shell once, regardless of how many times the user is in the ...
session 14644   24 years tb Don't fail to write pidfile correctly for pids > 999999.
syncupdate 14307   24 years ghudson S_IAMB isn't universal. (But is is pretty predictable.) In particular, ...
voldump 14623   24 years ghudson Update for AFS 3.6: int32 -> afs_int32, u_int32 -> afs_uint32 Also, ...
write 15542   23 years zacheiss Check the return value of fopen() when opening the user's tty.
xcluster 14582   24 years ghudson Keep app-defaults in /usr/athena/lib/X11/app-defaults for now.
xdsc 14582   24 years ghudson Keep app-defaults in /usr/athena/lib/X11/app-defaults for now.
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