source: trunk/athena/etc @ 11928

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
desync 10934   27 years ghudson Declare getopt externals.
gettime 11047   26 years ghudson Use unsigned characters for the time buffer, or we can lose badly ...
listsuidcells 11143   26 years ghudson Update from master aclocal.m4
newsyslog 11222   26 years ghudson From mhpower: Indicate constraints in time field, and make the units for ...
synctree 11479   26 years ghudson Use strerror().
snmp 11682   26 years jweiss This file doesn't appear to be in use, and does a good job of ...
track 11789   26 years ghudson Use strerror().
cleanup 11847   26 years ghudson Use AC_DEFINE instead of manually setting CPPFLAGS. Use host os instead of ...
inetd 11860   26 years jweiss fix some paths
busyd 11896   26 years ghudson busyd, a daemon for answering larvnet status requests
cviewd 11903   26 years ghudson cviewd, a daemon to present larvnet report information to users.
larvnetd 11904   26 years ghudson Larvnet is monitoring you.
xdm 11928   26 years ghudson Add larvnet notifications.
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