source: trunk/athena/etc @ 22350

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
athinfod 13769   25 years danw compile with warnings
athlsync 21574   19 years ghudson *** empty log message ***
athstatusd 18010   22 years ghudson Athena network status rendesvous daemon. Written by Derek Atkins.
busyd 15110   24 years ghudson Reject queries from certain well-known ports.
cleanup 16797   23 years zacheiss Use /var/athena/sessions in addition to utmp to determine who's logged in; ...
console 13504   25 years danw rename NUMSIGS to MYSIGS to avoid conflicts with signal.h
cviewd 15534   23 years ghudson From tibbetts: add help options and update help.
desync 15156   24 years rbasch Add -n option to output the time the program would sleep (or the time ...
dm 22010   19 years rbasch On Solaris, use the console terminal name instead of the display name for ...
finish-update 21924   19 years rbasch Change the dns-server dependency's grouping property to "optional_all", so ...
fxserver 13854   25 years tb Check for <db.h> and <ndbm.h> in db.c: Include ...
gettime 13824   25 years ghudson Use new AC_SEARCH_LIBS macro.
ktconvert 20276   20 years zacheiss Add ktconvert, a script for converting /etc/athena/srvtab to ...
larvnetd 19803   21 years ghudson Fix fencepost error in packet-reading code.
listsuidcells 21574   19 years ghudson *** empty log message ***
messaged 20491   20 years zacheiss Replace BFSZ with GMS_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE so that the client and server have ...
mkcred 14210   24 years danw clarify
newsyslog 17464   22 years ghudson isspace wants an unsigned char argument.
offlinehome 20478   20 years ghudson Fix syntax error.
rkinitd 16002   23 years ghudson Need stdlib.h for exit().
rpmupdate 22350   19 years ghudson Speed up updates and remove a period of no user feedback by disabling ...
synctree 19061   21 years ghudson Use errno.h instead of declaring errno.
track 19068   21 years ghudson Use errno.h for errno.
writed 13767   25 years ghudson Use regular exit; no reason to use _exit. (Quashes a gcc warning.)
xlogin 22044   19 years jweiss I'm glad I'm not the only one wihtout a sleep schedule.
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