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In firefox-extension: * Sync extension version number with package version number * Support Gecko 2.0, because apparently the XPCOM component hasn't worked since Firefox 3.x * Switch to XPCOMUtils.jsm for the XPCOM scaffolding (break compatibility with Firefox 2 and earlier)
1content athena  chrome/content/
2skin    athena  default chrome/skin/
3overlay chrome://browser/content/browser.xul    chrome://athena/content/athena.xul
4component {2276de48-911b-4acd-8b16-ef017b3eecad} components/athenaService.js
5contract;1 {2276de48-911b-4acd-8b16-ef017b3eecad}
6category profile-after-change AthenaService;1
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