source: trunk/athena/lib @ 11923

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
acl 10639   27 years ghudson From epeisach: use create_depend.
al 11828   26 years ghudson The sense of have_nocrack was reversed, so users were getting added to the ...
ares 11923   26 years ghudson strtol() is more portable (SunOS 4) than strtoul().
athdir 11583   26 years danw avoid a potential buffer overrun
et 11043   26 years danw generate ANSIer output files
hesiod 11912   26 years ghudson Move hesinfo out to its own package.
larv 11895   26 years ghudson liblarv, a small library for larvnet client-side work
Mu 10864   27 years ghudson Garbage collect.
neos 11843   26 years danw from amu: rename errno to local_errno to avoid problems on systems where ...
ss 11143   26 years ghudson Update from master aclocal.m4
zephyr 11917   26 years ghudson Use libares for reverse resolution if HAVE_ARES is defined.
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