source: trunk/athena/lib @ 12154

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
acl 10639   27 years ghudson From epeisach: use create_depend.
Mu 10864   27 years ghudson Garbage collect.
ss 11143   26 years ghudson Update from master aclocal.m4
athdir 11583   26 years danw avoid a potential buffer overrun
neos 11843   26 years danw from amu: rename errno to local_errno to avoid problems on systems where ...
hesiod 11912   26 years ghudson Move hesinfo out to its own package.
et 12063   26 years rbasch Add an include of stdlib.h.
ares 12101   26 years ghudson Correct a typo. I'm just on a roll.
larv 12142   26 years ghudson Declare struct sockaddr, since we use a pointer to it in the ...
zephyr 12152   26 years ghudson Revert version 1.50. Empirically, this workaround didn't seem to help ...
al 12154   26 years ghudson Add an example.
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