source: trunk/athena/lib @ 22520

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
al 22379   18 years rbasch Flush buffered session file data before releasing the file lock. Ignore ...
ares 21708   19 years ghudson Use libtool to build and install a shared library.
athdir 22264   19 years rbasch Use the value of the ATHENA_HOSTTYPE variable instead of HOSTTYPE.
et 21707   19 years ghudson Fix up the clean target.
firefox-extension 22510   18 years rbasch Remove the setting of startup.homepage_override_url. The preference will ...
fxcl 19064   21 years ghudson Need errno.h for most source files in libfxcl.
gms 20490   20 years zacheiss Remove BFSZ, since it was redundant with GMS_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE.
hesiod 22432   18 years ghudson Remove classes directive from sample config file.
larv 16776   23 years ghudson No need to set CPPFLAGS here.
locker 22520   18 years ghudson Fix various warnings.
Mu 14100   25 years danw no longer necessary
rkinit 15991   23 years ghudson Need <string.h> for memset, strcmp, strlen, strcpy, memcpy.
ss 21707   19 years ghudson Fix up the clean target.
Xj 20599   20 years ghudson Add a resource to turn off the input windowmanager hint, so that Jets ...
zephyr 22380   18 years amb Document ZEPHYR_VARS functionality.
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