source: trunk/debathena/config/afs-config/debian/debathena-afs-config.install @ 23739

Revision 23739, 274 bytes checked in by broder, 15 years ago (diff)
In afs-config: * Add script to `fs newcell` any cells that are out of date according to the newly installed CellServDB. (Trac: #186)
1debian/afs.conf.client.debathena etc/openafs
2debian/CellAlias.debathena etc/openafs
3debian/CellServDB.debathena etc/openafs
4debian/SuidCells.debathena etc/openafs
5debian/ThisCell.debathena etc/openafs
6debian/cacheinfo.debathena etc/openafs
7debian/update-cellservdb usr/sbin
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