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In lightdm-config: * Switch to config-package-dev instead of trying to place nice with what the user has installed, because we need to clobber some additional lightdm.conf settings; remove now-unused debconf templates * Set user-authority-in-system-dir=true in lightdm.conf (Trac: #1161)
1Template: debathena-lightdm-config/force_lightdm
2Type: boolean
3Default: true
4_Description: Do you want to use lightdm?
5 LightDM is a display manager, like xdm or gdm.  You are not currently
6 using lightdm, yet you're installing this package.  You are strongly
7 encouraged to use LightDM as your display manager for the best
8 Debathena experience.
9 .
10 You can always change your mind later by editing
11 /etc/X11/default-display-manager or running "dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"
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