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Add a detailed note about why pam-afs-session isn't being used as an auth module.
1pam_afs_session exports an auth interface to make sure it gets run
2when PAM users call pam_setcred instead of
3pam_open_session. Screensavers, for instance, do this.
5debathena-pam-config, however, does not configure pam_afs_session's
6auth component.
8Because sudo's PAM configuration only includes /etc/pam.d/common-auth
9and not /etc/pam.d/common-session, configuring pam_afs_session as an
10auth module caused it to run under sudo when previously
11pam_athena_locker did not.
13Configuring the auth module, combined with the fact that sudo doesn't
14seem to set PAM's environment correctly, would cause pam_afs_session
15to get run when sudo executed its PAM stack, create a new PAG, but
16fail to get tokens (because KRB5CCNAME isn't set).
18Since part of the debathena-cluster login process is run through sudo,
19this would cause users to not get tokens.
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