source: trunk/debathena/config/pam-config/debian/libpam-krb5.pam-config @ 24102

Revision 24102, 702 bytes checked in by broder, 15 years ago (diff)
In the pam_krb5 config, instead of just skipping the pam_echo in case of failure, immediately die. This works around a bug in pam-auth-update where default=1 is treated differently depending on whether or not the "end" in success=end has been replaced with a number. This was causing pam-auth-update to spuriously detect changes to /etc/pam.d/common-auth. This change does have the effect that a failure of pam_krb5 will no longer bubble down to any other potential auth providers. However, I think that the scenario of (a) using >=debathena-login, (b) having a second PAM auth module you want to use that, (c) is managed by pam-auth-update and not by hand and (d) comes after pam_krb5 in pam-auth-update's ordering scheme is pretty unlikely.
1Name: Kerberos authentication
2Default: yes
3Priority: 128
4Auth-Type: Primary
6        [success=end authinfo_unavail=ignore default=die] minimum_uid=1
7        [default=die] file=/etc/
9        [success=end authinfo_unavail=ignore default=die] minimum_uid=1 use_first_pass
10        [default=die] file=/etc/
11Account-Type: Primary
13        [success=end default=ignore] minimum_uid=1
14Session-Type: Additional
16        optional
17Password-Type: Primary
19        [success=end default=ignore] minimum_uid=1
21        [success=end default=ignore] minimum_uid=1 use_first_pass
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