source: trunk/debathena/config/zephyr-config/debian/ @ 24677

Revision 24677, 559 bytes checked in by broder, 14 years ago (diff)
In zephyr-config: * Add missing debathena-hesiod-config dependency.
1Source: debathena-zephyr-config
2Section: debathena-config/net
3Priority: extra
4Maintainer: Debathena Project <>
5Build-Depends: @cdbs@
6Standards-Version: 3.8.4
8Package: debathena-zephyr-config
9Architecture: all
10Depends: libzephyr4-krb5 | libzephyr3-krb, zephyr-clients, debathena-kerberos-config, debathena-hesiod-config, ${misc:Depends}
11Provides: ${diverted-files}
12Conflicts: ${diverted-files}
13Description: Zephyr configuration for Debathena
14 This package configures Zephyr for the Debathena system by
15 setting up the default Zephyr servers.
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