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Improve config-package-dev documentation and examples.
[23076]1This directory contains example packages using the config-package-dev
2system that you can start from in designing your own packages.
4debathena-conffile-example-1.0: Example package using DEB_DIVERT_FILES to divert configuration files
5debathena-bin-example-1.0: Example package diverting binaries using DEB_DIVERT_FILES
6debathena-bin-example-1.1: Upgrade of debathena-bin-example-1.0 removing one of the diversions using DEB_UNDIVERT_FILES.
7debathena-transform-example-1.0: Example package using DEB_TRANSFORM_FILES
8debathena-cron-example-1.0: Example package using DEB_REMOVE_FILES to disable a cron job
10Note that if you want the control files to be regenerated from the files, you need to add
15to the debian/rules files (or e.g. set it in your environment).
17We do not include DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL=1 in these example
18rules files because option is banned in official Debian packages (see
19the CDBS section of <>).
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