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In dotfiles: * Clean up comments from the '90s (Trac: #921)
[2026]1# Prototype user .login file
[13167]3# $Id: dot.login,v 1.16 1999-06-03 14:52:56 danw Exp $
[2026]5# This file sources a system-wide .login file, which:
6#      - presumes that the .cshrc file has been sourced
[13167]7#      - performs standard setup appropriate for a tty session
8#      - runs standard startup activities (e.g., checking mail)
9#      - sources user file ~/.startup.tty, if it exists
[2026]11set initdir=/usr/athena/lib/init
13if (-r $initdir/login) then
14        source $initdir/login
[5063]16        echo "Warning: System-wide initialization files not found."
17        echo "Login initialization has not been performed."
[2026]21# If you want to ADJUST the login initialization sequence, create a
22# .startup.tty file in your home directory, with commands to run activities
23# once the environment has been set up (znol, emacs, etc.).
[2026]25# To adjust the environment initialization sequence, see the instructions in
26# the .cshrc file.
[25372]28# In most cases, you will never need to edit this file.  All the
29# customizations you could want to make can be made by editing one
30# of the user dotfiles, such as ~/.cshrc.mine, ~/.environment,
31# ~/.startup.tty or ~/.startup.X
33# WARNING: If you revise this .login file, you will not automatically
[13167]34# get any changes that Athena may make to the system-wide file at a
35# later date. Be sure you know what you are doing.
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