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In dotfiles: * Merge in quilt patches. These and other changes are summarized below. * Remove platform-specific code for non-Linux architectures. * Remove mksessiondirs and other ATHENA_SESSION_TMPDIr code; this is now handled by pam_mktemp * Run from.debathena and quota.debathena rather than from/quota in case debathena-from-config/debathena-quota-config are not installed * Remove unecessary athena/ from paths, except in prototype files which should remain unchanged for compatability. * Remove ancient extend alias from tcsh dotfiles. * Set ZEPHYR_CLIENT to not run zwgc on dialups; this avoids problems with zephyr in Debian automatically gaining focus. * Remove code for handling temporary home directories, since those can't happen anymore. * Stop setting XDG_DATA_DIRS; this is now controlled by debathena-desktop-config. * Stop setting COREDUMPSIZE; this was an IRIX workaround * Stop setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/athena/lib; this breaks building things when /usr/athena is a symlink. * Stop setting XUSERFILESEARCHPATH to a directory that doesn't exist. * Change renew alias to use 'kinit -54' so we no longer require modified Kerberos. * Stop setting MANPATH, since we'd be setting it to the default anyway. * Remove athena_path logic, since athena_path would be PATH. * Only have one copy of the add alias, now that athena_path is gone. * Remove add_flags since it is always empty. * Don't temporarily remove add in cshrc. * Stop setting CDPATH. * Stop changing the default prompt for bash; the Debian default is better. * Stop changing the default prompt for tcsh, but leave the prompt character change, since there's a lot of documentation that uses it. * Stop configuring tcsh to not stat /afs/* when tab-completing; fakestat handles this. * Remove tcsh warning for "bind" alias.
1.TH RENEW 1 "15 August 1991"
2.ds ]W MIT Project Athena
4renew - get kerberos tickets, tokens, mappings, zephyr authentication
8\fIrenew\fR is an alias provided by the standard Athena dotfiles.  It is
9intended to make the process of getting new kerberos tickets,
10re-authenticating yourself to any fileservers from which you may have
11filesystems attached, and re-authenticating yourself to the zephyr
12servers easier.
14Typing "alias renew" will reveal that renew simply executes the series
15of commands:
17.ti 12
18kinit -54 $USER && fsid -a && zctl load /dev/null
20"USER" is an environment variable that is set to your username.
21\fIkinit\fR prompts you for your password and gets you a new kerberos
22ticket-granting ticket.  Kerberos tickets automatically expire after 10
25\fIfsid -a\fR establishes new NFS mappings and gets new AFS tokens for
26any filesystems you have attached.  Valid mappings or tokens are
27required to write (and sometimes read) files from remote filesystems.
28Mappings and tokens automatically expire after 10 hours.
30\fIzctl load /dev/null\fR reauthenticates you to the zephyr servers.
31Valid authentication is necessary to receive authentic zephyrgrams;
32otherwise, any zephyrgrams you receive will be marked "forged".
34The "&&" between the commands means that the command is only executed if
35the previous command was successful.  This eliminates error messages
36that would occur if something failed; for example, if you mis-type your
37password, it will not attempt to get mappings and tokens with no
38kerberos tickets, which would print many errors.
41/usr/athena/lib/init/cshrc    global Athena cshrc file
43~/.cshrc                      users's cshrc file
45kinit(1), fsid(1), zctl(1), csh(1)
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