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1Welcome to Athena
4- Project Athena was an eight-year experiment (1983-1991) to explore the use
5  of computers in university educational programs.  The Project focused on
6  developing computers as useful tools, rather than as objects of study, in
7  the education of students at MIT.
9- The Athena system, one of the fruits of Project Athena, is a campus-wide
10  distributed computer service consisting of hundreds of networked
11  workstations and related facilities (such as printers and file servers)
12  available to MIT students and faculty to help them achieve their academic
13  goals and learn about computers while at the Institute.
15- For help about any aspect of Athena, visit the On-Line Help (OLH)
16  web pages at:
18  There you will find guides to all aspects of the supported Athena
19  environment, including a basic introduction, a tutorial on using the
20  command line (shell), information about the AFS file system and how
21  to use it, and much more.
23- If you run into problems, consult our extensive collection of
24  answers in Hermes, the MIT Knowledge Base.  Visit
25  for more information.
27- If you require assistance, you can contact an Athena Consultant.
28  The Athena Consulting office is open 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday
29  (except MIT holidays).  You can reach a consultant by phone
30  (x3-4435, 617-253-4435 from off campus) or e-mail (, or
31  you can visit their office in building N42.
33- If you're interested in the more technical aspects of Athena, visit
34  the Debathena web page at
36  Debathena is the suite of packages and software that powers the
37  Athena system, and much of the development was done by MIT students.
38  For more information, see
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