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No, really, use the correct dependency
1Source: debathena-kiosk
2Section: debathena/web
3Priority: extra
4Maintainer: Debathena Project <>
5Build-Depends: @cdbs@, gdm
6Standards-Version: 3.7.2
8Package: debathena-kiosk
9Architecture: all
10Depends: ${misc:Depends}, firefox | iceweasel, metacity, unzip, adduser,
11 gdm, python, python-gtk2, python-glade2, python-dbus, sun-java6-plugin | icedtea6-plugin, debathena-bugme (>= 10.0.4-0debathena1~)
12Description: Starts a kiosk mode web browser on a new virtual terminal
13 This package provides a tool to launch a separate X11 session, running
14 a kiosk mode web browser, on a new virtual terminal.  It is most useful
15 when configured to be invoked as a custom command from gdm, to enable
16 functions such as registering for an Athena account from a pre-login
17 environment.
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