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libpam-mktemp is a new module generalizing libpam-xauthority and is intended to replace it; it can also be used to handle ATHENA_SESSION_TMPDIR.
1This is the README for pam_mktemp, a PAM SESSION module which will
2securely create a temporary file (ands set an environment variable to
3point to it) in pam_open_session, and unlinks the file in
6This is useful for applications like setting XAUTHORITY to a secure
7temporary file in an environment where home directories are in a
8network filesystem.  You would do this adding:
10session    optional var=XAUTHORITY prefix=/tmp/xauth
12to /etc/pam.d/common-session.
14You must specify the var option; the prefix option defaults to
15/tmp/tempfile if not specified.  The argument passed to mkstemp when
16creating this file will be /tmp/xauth-UID-XXXXXX, where UID is the
17user id for the session being opened.
19It supports two additional options: debug (enabling debugging output)
20and an dir (which causes pam_mktemp to create a temporary directory,
21rather than a temporary file).  So, the pam_mktemp line session line
22to create a login session temporary directory might look like:
24session    optional debug dir prefix=/var/tmp var=SESSION_TEMPDIR
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