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In xsession: * debathena-homedir-mode now offers to run the command for you (Trac #387)
1# This file is sourced by Xsession(5), not executed.
3if [ afs = "$DEBATHENA_HOME_TYPE" ] && \
4  stat -L --format='%A' "$HOME" | egrep -q '^(.....w|........w)'; then
5  hm=$(stat -L --format='%a' "$HOME")
6  if zenity --question --text="Your home directory is mode $hm, probably \
7because it was created a long time ago.  You likely received a spurious \
8error dialog about .dmrc as a result of the mode bits on your home \
9directory.  To fix this condition, you can run:
10        chmod 755 \$HOME
12Would you like to run this command now?"; then
13      chmod 755 $HOME
14  fi
15  unset hm
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