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In login-graphical: * Recommend thunderbird-config for everything (and stop building on Hardy). We need thunderbird-config to stop thunderbird from shoving entire inboxes in AFS. Users who want local thunderbird caches need to install manual-thunderbird-config. (Trac: #1107)
1Source: debathena-login-graphical
2Section: debathena/base
3Priority: extra
4Maintainer: Debathena Project <>
5Build-Depends: @cdbs@
6Standards-Version: 3.9.1
8Package: debathena-login-graphical
9X-Debathena-No-Build: hardy
10Architecture: all
11Depends: debathena-login,
12 debathena-gdm-config,
13 debathena-xsession,
14 debathena-firefox-extension,
15 debathena-firefox-wrapper,
16 debathena-pidgin-wrapper,
17 debathena-evolution-wrapper,
18 debathena-locker-menu,
19 debathena-transcript-glue,
20 debathena-misc-glue,
21 debathena-xlock,
22 debathena-email-icon-config,
23 debathena-moira-gui,
24 ${debathena-maybe-lightdm-config},
25 ${misc:Depends}
26Recommends: ubuntu-desktop,
27 debathena-thunderbird-config,
28Description: Athena graphical login configuration
29 This package allows Athena users to login through the Athena greeter
30 and configures graphical software to integrate with the Athena
31 environment.
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