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Thirdparty software metapackages. (Mostly for cluster machines, but the subsets may be useful to some.)
[23444]1Section: debathena/base
2Priority: extra
3Standards-Version: 3.6.2
5Package: debathena-thirdparty-accessories
6Version: 0.1
7Maintainer: Debathena Project <>
8Depends: xtightvncviewer,
9 xcal,
10 rxvt,
11 nautilus-open-terminal,
12 eterm
14Copyright: ../common/copyright
15Readme: ../common/
16Description: Athena 10 debathena-thirdparty-accessories software suite.
17 This includes a set of subpackages of commonly-used third-party software
18 within the accessories domain.  It is intended for cluster machines though usable
19 anywhere.  Direct questions about software included in this metapackage
20 to
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