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More installer merge changes: * Rename to * Use debathena-archive-keyring.asc, not athena10-archive.asc.
2- Non-cluster PXE installs need post-install network munging
3  by in order to have usable net, since
4  the ubuntu installer forces a DHCP config if the installer
5  used DHCP.  So sad.
6- the entire install session *really* needs to be logged
7- increase the timeout for Ubuntu's DHCP request, since the netops
8  servers can sometimes take longer.
11- sometimes there's a warning dialog about lv name reuse.
12  figure out why and suppress it.
13- installer script shouldn't assume eth0
14- clean up "debathena but not cluster version" install option,
15  maybe further split it.
16- shuffle preseed stuff around; more of the .autoinstall stuff
17  should probably move to common.  (perhaps selection of
18  a default package set?)
19- hack non-cluster preseed to not prompt for cd ejection.
21some of what was done:
22- add hacks to for noninteractive use
23- push to MIT PXE servers
24- have a "debathena but not cluster version" install option
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