source: trunk/debathena/scripts/installer/pxe/jaunty/debathena-jaunty/ @ 23948

Revision 23948, 721 bytes checked in by geofft, 13 years ago (diff)
Revert "Use d-i-utils' chroot setup script before installing Debathena." This reverts r23944. chroot_setup and chroot_cleanup clobber our packaged policy-rc.d file.
3# This is only invoked when the relevant preseed entry is passed in
4# during the preinstall questioning.  (Thus, not for vanilla installs.)
[23857]6cp /debathena-jaunty/preseed /target/root/debathena.preseed
7cp /debathena-jaunty/ /target/root
8if test -f /debathena-jaunty/pxe-install-flag ; then
9  cp /debathena-jaunty/pxe-install-flag /target/root/pxe-install-flag
12chvt 5
[23878]13chroot /target sh /root/ < /dev/tty5 > /dev/tty5 2>&1
14# This approach fails due to lingering processes keeping the
15# pipeline open and the script hung.
16# chroot /target sh /root/ < /dev/tty5 2>&1 \
17#     | chroot /target tee /var/log/athena-install.log > /dev/tty5
[23480]18sleep 5
19chvt 1
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