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The set of installer scripts and related material served by which are invoked by MIT's PXE server.
1This directory contains some basic setup stuff for a PXE-based Athena
210 installer.  If you're looking for basic Athena 10 install instructions, check out:
6This is largely a vanilla Ubuntu install; a DHCP server running a
7standard PXELINUX setup invokes the debian netinstall kernel with an
8invocation like:
10LABEL athena10
11   kernel intrepid-installer/i386/linux
12   append auto=true locale=en_US console-setup/layoutcode=us console-setup/charmap=UTF-8 interface=auto url= initrd=intrepid-installer/i386/initrd.gz DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 --
14...after which the kernel loads the preseed file
15(athena10-intrepid.preseed), which fetches and runs a loader script
16(, which fetches, unpacks, and runs the real
17install script (out of athena10-intrepid.tar.gz), which asks a few
18questions up front and then generates a preseed file which can
19complete the install without further input.
21Most of this stuff is currently served via HTTP from
23--amb 27feb2009
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