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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
licenses 1.8 KB 14072   25 years danw Documentation of licenses of packages in the source tree
maintenance 21.1 KB 13186   25 years danw mention tellme, mkserv, and andrew (which are dealt with by packs/glue, ...
pgpkeys 10.3 KB 12687   25 years danw Add Tom Yu's key (0xF376813D), for krb5 snapshots
third-party 11.5 KB 14039   25 years danw add leim, and notes about the emacs/leim interdependency
build-system 10.5 KB 13738   25 years ghudson Recomend the do -c flag for building current sources when there are ...
organization 2.3 KB 8937   28 years ghudson Eliminate the last paragraph in favor of a new section in the build-system ...
standards 10.7 KB 13215   25 years ghudson ${varname+set} doesn't evaluate to a word unless we quote it. Fix.
procedures 8.9 KB 13857   25 years tb Recommend -P on checkouts.
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