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Try to prevent users from thinking that vacation works.
2# $Id:,v 1.1 1998-12-25 19:17:29 ghudson Exp $
4echo 1>&2 "For most Athena users, incoming mail goes to the MIT mail hubs and"
5echo 1>&2 "from there onto a post-office server machine.  Your home directory"
6echo 1>&2 "is not consulted until you incorporate the mail.  The system"
7echo 1>&2 "'vacation' program assumes more traditional Unix mail routing"
8echo 1>&2 "controllable by .forward files, and thus will not work.  MIT's"
9echo 1>&2 "central mail system does not support vacation functionality at"
10echo 1>&2 "this time."
11echo 1>&2 ""
12echo 1>&2 "If you want to run the system vacation program anyway, you can"
13echo 1>&2 "run it as 'vacation.real'."
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