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Nuke comma fault. Pointed out by elliot.
2# $Id:,v 1.4 1998-07-31 20:48:17 ghudson Exp $
4if [ -r /etc/athena/rc.conf ]; then
5        . /etc/athena/rc.conf
6        if [ "$PUBLIC" != true ]; then
7                exec xlock.real "$@"
8        fi
11echo "xlock is not appropriate for cluster workstations because"
12echo "it does not display an elapsed time or put up a button to"
13echo "allow others to log you out after a set time."
14echo ""
15echo "If you really wish to run xlock, run it as 'xlock.real' instead."
16echo "But if you do so, others may legitimately reboot the machine at"
17echo "any time to log you out."
18echo ""
19echo "Press return to read the On-Line Consulting stock answer about"
20echo "screensavers, or press Control-C to go back to the prompt."
21read dummy
22/bin/athena/attachandrun infoagents htmlview htmlview \
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