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2OAF is the new Object Activation Framework for GNOME. OAF has a
3similar purpose to gnorba, the GNOME 1.x CORBA activation library, and
4will replace it for GNOME 2.0.
6It allows you to do much more powerful activation queries than gnorba.
7Each server is described by an XML file that defines its
8attributes. When querying or activating, one may specify complex
9requirements using the OAF query language.
12OAF requires a special version of ORBit to build. You can find it
13in the `ORBit-martin-forked' module in GNOME CVS; this is a version
14of ORBit 0.5.x which has been ported to use glib HEAD and its API
15has been modified to be the same than ORBit2.
17You can compile OAF with either ORBit-martin-forked or ORBit2; the
18only thing you need to do is to recompile all your code.
20OAF will start using ORBit2 now too far in the future, but currently
21ORBit2 is still too unstable to be used.
25Also, if you want to build the API documentation for OAF, you need
26gtk-doc and jade.
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