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1Leak fixage
2        + activation-context-corba leaks like hell, the
3          bogus use of _release makes it very hard to fix.
5Pernicious Bugs
6        + some nasty problem with per display registration
7        + locking of repository should happen even in-proc [ ? ]
8        + we need to use g_spawn, or a similar FD_CLOEXEC scheme
9          to launch the first bonobo-activation-server process.
10        + work out why we get 2 bonobo-activation-empty-servers,
11          instead of 1.
13Efficiency wins
14        + return the last factory, not the sub-object for
15          activations
16        + cache id/query -> factory for activations
17        + quit mis-using unions horribly
18        + quit mis-using set_release
19        + de-register / unlink the /tmp/orbit-$foo lock file when we quit.
21Architectural issues
22        + we need to proxy X session management so we can cleanup apps
23          more effectively, this needs to be multi-display aware too.
24        + we need to track system services (accessibility registry)
25          that have an indeterminate lifecycle.
26        + we need to register something at session startup against
27          the display, when it dies, we need to go reaping all
28          processes by pid that have only components registered
29          against that display.
30        + startup crashes (eg. link errors) in applications cannot be
31          debugged, we need to re-direct stderr on forked processes,
32          and collate it into an exception string.
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