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1Authors of GNU gettext.
3The following contributions warranted legal paper exchanges with the
4Free Software Foundation.  Also see files ChangeLog and THANKS.
6GETTEXT         Ulrich Drepper  Germany 1968    1995-05-16
7Assigns program.
9GETTEXT         Peter Miller    Australia 1960  1995-10-16
10Assigns past and future changes.
12GETTEXT         Bruno Haible    Germany 1965    2001-03-09
13Assigns past and future changes.
15GETTEXT         Karl Eichwalder Germany 1959    2001-11-02
16Assigns past and future changes.
17GETTEXT         SuSE Linux AG                   2002-07-03
18Disclaimer for Karl Eichwalder, in the past and for the next 5 years.
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