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1New in 0.10.3
2* scale icons better for nicer display
3* small UI improvements, bug fixes, memory leak fixes
4* search improvements
5* translation updates
7New in 0.10.2
8* renice will now prompt for root password if necessary
9* many UI improvements and polish
10* Add settings for graph colors, update speeds
11* Save window size on exit
12* bug fixes, memory leaks plugged
14New in 0.10.1:
15* bug fixes - if you still get strange files left in your home directory
16  let me know.
17* UI improvements to the system monitor tab - customizable colors, swap
18  displayed with memory
19* translation updates (sv-Christian, es-Carlos, tr Nilgun)
21New in 0.10:
22* new tab to graphically show cpu history, memory history, disk space
23* prompt for root password if trying to kill a process not owned by
24  the user (thanks to ximian-setup-tools for the code)
25* all options work in right click menu (Tige)
26* feedback when renice or kill don't work (Tige)
27* fix bug #58591 sending first SIGTERM and then SIGKILL if that doesn't
28  work
29* new option "about process" that dislplays a man page if it
30  exists (a bit cheesy at the moment)
31* bug fixes
33New in 0.9:
34* right click menu (Tige)
35* delay load the icons for better start up time - needs testing.
36* memory leaks fixed
37* UI improvements (Jonathan, me)
39New in 0.8.1:
40* ability to search for processes
41* fix memory leaks
42* Italian translation
43* bug fixes
44* cosmetic improvements
46New in 0.8:
47* dialog to edit the hidden process list
48* put cpu/mem/swap meters on faster timeout for better display
49* preferences dialog
50* new config option to not show icons. Speeds up load time a lot
51* new config option to show threads
52* Turkish translation
54New in 0.7:
55* view only running processes option
56* "hide" feature - define which process you don't want to see
57  Not complete though - Only way to reshow them is to mess with
58  the ~.gnome/procman file
59* show tree view by default
60* lots of UI improvements
61* Added support to Debian packages
63New in 0.6:
64* improved info viewer
65* fixed crash on startup. If you were not running Ximian GNOME you probably
66  would have experienced this crash.
67* memmaps dialog
68* fixed a crash in the tree view. Also fixes
69  the bug where if a parent process finished the children would
70  not be shown.
72New in 0.5:
73* process tree view
74* renice actually works
75* bug fixes
76* no longer hard code some paths
77  should get icons if you hadn't already
78* % cpu, mem, and swap meters
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