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1-- 1.2 porting stuff --
2[x] right click menu
3[x] make search work
4[x] make sorting work for non strings
5[x] make disk table update
6[x] memmaps update
7[x] renice doesn't seem to renice
8[x] root access stuff
9[x] save and restore tree state
10[x] add the extra columns not shown by default
11[x] customize columns in prefs dialog
12[x] memaps dialog needs porting to tree view
13[x] hidden processes dialog needs to be able to select multi strings
14[x] make all dialogs proper ie. use gtk_dialog etc.
15[x] disk sizing is not right - 500 kb instead of 500 MB
16[x] removing a node from the tree should remove all children
17[x] many strings are untranslated
18[x] merge all changes from stable branch
19[x] many memory leaks
20[x] command label needed for infoview
21[x] clean up prettytable.c. Add back support for custom icons
22[x] crash clearing tree
23[x] crash on exit (notebook switch being called after gtk_main_quit)
24[x] prefs dialog needs a little updating to match stable
25[x] "(thread)" not being added
26[x] gconf schema to get defaults
28-- 1.2 new features --
29[ ] Should be able to drag a process to "end process" button and
30    "more info" button and do the appropriate action
31[ ] color rows depending on cpu usage
33-- later --
34[ ] Perhaps a custom view like show only processes using above 10 MB etc
35    but perhaps it's a feature overkill (it's a process viewer after all
36    - it should probably remain simple)
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