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Revision 10780, 357 bytes checked in by brlewis, 27 years ago (diff)
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1define on_exit echo \27[r\27[0m\27[1;1H\27[2JGoodbye!
2define \%g \27[0m\27[32m\27[7m\frepeat(=,80)\27[0m\27[34m
3echo \27[1;1H\27[2J\%g\27[47m
4ask \%n { What is your name\? \27[30m\27[7m}
5echo \%g
6echo \27[35m\27[5m Welcome to Kermit, \27[30m\27[5m\%n\13\10\%g
7echo \13\10\27[0J\27[7;24r\27[22;1H
8set prompt {\%g\13\10 \27[33mWhat is your command\? \27[34m}
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