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1libglade-2.4.2: 11-February-2004
2        - Fix toolbar breakage from the 2.4.1 release.
3        - Fix handling of GtkFileChooserDialog internal children.
5libglade-2.4.1: 29-November-2004
6        - Register GtkFileChooserDialog correctly.
7        - Fix a number of bugs in the libglade-convert utility.
8        - Fix some memory leaks in the XML parsing code.
9        - Handle tooltips on GtkToolItems properly, and get rid of uses of
10          the old toolbar API.
11        - Fix some bugs in setting up ATK relations.
12        - Various other bug fixes (see ChangeLog).
14libglade-2.4.0: 17-May-2004
15        - Stable release.
17libglade-2.3.6: 10-March-2004
18        - Implement support GtkComboBoxEntry, GtkToolItem, GtkToolButton,
19          GtkToggleToolButton, GtkRadioToolButton & GtkSeparatorToolItem (Damon Chaplin)
20        - Fix automake warning (Steve Chaplin)
21        - Add libglade version number to the docs (Matthias Clasen)
22        - Fix usage of C++ keyword as an argument name (Bas Driessen)
23        - Allow additional signal parameter for glademm (Christof Petig)
24        - Support tooltips in toolbars (Michael Voigt)
26libglade-2.3.2: 15-January-2004
27        - Support disambiguating msgids by prefixing them with a context
28          string. (Christian Stimming, Matthias Clasen)
30libglade-2.3.1:  14-November-2003
31        - Register GtkColorButton, GtkComboBox, GtkFileChooser and
32          GtkFontButton types (Jonathan Blandford)
33        - Implemement support for GtkExpander (Mark McLoughlin)
34        - Fix memory leak and incorrect colour map usage (Morten Welinder)
35        - Win32 build support (Tor Lillqvist, Masahiro Sakai)
36        - Build fixes (James Henstridge, Michael Meeks)
38libglade-2.0.1:  29-August-2002
39        - fix up search path for libglade modules.
40        - various memory leak fixes (Kristian Rietveld).
42libglade-2.0.0:  6-June-2002
43        - fix up docs build, and make docbook files mostly XML
44          compatible in preparation for XMLised gtk-doc.
45        - bump version number up to 2.0.0.
47libglade-1.99.12: 12-May-2002
48        - more changes to help with Murray's C++ bindings.
49        - check whether GTK has a GtkPlug implementation to help with
50          building with gtk targets other than X11.
51        - Only build the docs if --enable-gtk-doc is passed to configure.
52        - pass CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to gtkdoc when building docs, in
53          case they are needed to build against the library (fixes
54          64-bit solaris issues, #81347).
55        - fix up a missing g_object_ref() call in AtkRelationSet
56          handling code.
57        - More helpful error message if glade file could not be found
58          (#80411).
60libglade-1.99.11: 28-April-2002
61        - don't ref the AtkRelationSet unless we are going to actually
62          set up relations.
63        - Support for GtkFrame::label_item and GtkEntry::invisible_char.
64        - some changes from Murray Cumming needed for the C++ bindings.
66libglade-1.99.10: 30-March-2002
67        - give GtkListItem widgets a "label" attribute; mainly for use
68          by GtkCombo (bug 75471)
69        - get rid of the response_id warnings when using GtkDialogs
70          (bug 75300)
71        - memory leak fix in use of AtkRelations (bug 75782)
72        - better handling of the menu in GtkOptionMenu.  This also
73          fixes the weird sizing bug where the option menu would
74          sometimes grow the first time you popped it up (bug 75590)
75        - register GtkSeparatorMenuItem (bug 76682)
77libglade-1.99.9: 11-March-2002
78        - make build stuff compatible with autoconf-2.53.  This tarball
79          is built with autoconf-2.53 and automake-1.6.
80        - fixes for GtkLayout's build_children routine
81        - normalise property names (s/-/_/) when parsing glade files.
82        - support for wmclass_name and wmclass_class window properties.
84libglade-1.99.8: 26-February-2002
85        - various libglade-convert updates.  These updates will make
86          libglade-convert produce significantly better glade 2.0
87          files.
88        - handle the "has_default" and "has_focus" properties better.
89        - fix up test suite so that it will gracefully handle the
90          absense of an X server (the tests will return the error code
91          indicating that the test can not be performed).
92        - Install the DTD file, and add an entry to the XML catalog
93          (if possible).  This means we can use a proper URL in the
94          DOCTYPE line of glade files, and still be able to validate
95          without a network connection.
96        - handle the agent attribute on property elements.
97        - make --enable-debug the default.
99libglade-1.99.7: 7-February-2002
100        - make the --enable-debug configure option just add support
101          for turning on debugging spew, rather than always spewing.
102          You can select what is spewed with the LIBGLADE_DEBUG
103          environment variable (similar to the glib and gtk debug spew
104          env var).
105        - get rid of some unused functions from the module API.  This
106          doesn't affect any applications.
107        - lots of documentation updates.  It is now relevant to the
108          devel branch.
110libglade-1.99.6: 31-January-2002
111        - stop depending on gnome-common macros.
112        - some DTD updates from Damon (last_modification_time
113          attribute for signals).
114        - handle widget "visibile" property better, so as to not trip
115          up some weird redraw bugs.
116        - get rid of deprecated stuff in the API (this shouldn't break
117          anything).
118        - add a <placeholder/> element to the file format for
119          representing placeholders, and equivalent code to the parser
120          to ignore them.
121        - custom props for GtkMenuItem that act similarly to the
122          "label", "use_underline" and "use_stock" properties of
123          GtkButton.  Corresponding changes to libglade-convert to
124          handle them.
125        - if using GCC, set some flags to increase the number of
126          warnings emitted.
128libglade-1.99.5: 12-December-2001
129        - lots of widget handling updates from Jacob using custom props.
130        - make the python check in configure actually work, and don't
131          install libglade-convert if no acceptable python was found.
132        - many updates to libglade-convert.
134libglade-1.99.4: 26-November-2001
135        - start of test suite (from Jacob)
136        - add configure magic to try and pick out a usable version of
137          python.
138        - add support for "custom properties".  This allows
139          registering handlers that will get called by
140          glade_standard_build_widget() to handle those properties.
142libglade-1.99.3: 31-October-2001
143        - get rid of the need to call glade_init() before using libglade.
144        - new function for registering handlers for types, and
145          automatically support other widget types through the generic
146          handlers.
147        - better support for many widgets.
148        - remove gnome, bonobo and canvas support moules, as they are
149          being moved to their respective packages.
150        - initial ATK support from Bill Haneman.
152libglade-1.99.2: 26-September-2001
153        - add support for GtkWidget type properties (string
154          representation is the property name).
155        - change where headers are installed to match stable branch
156          and not tread on the toes of glade.
157        - added gnomeui support.
158        - don't install libglade-xgettext script.
160libglade-1.99.1: 24-August-2001
161        - start of unstable branch.
162        - new file format.
163        - added libglade-convert script to convert old glade files.
164        - use GObject properties for construction of most widgets
165        - make GladeXML a GObject
167libglade-0.16: 13-February-2001
168        - GNOME-DB support contributed by David Marin Carreno.
169        - various other bug fixes and a few memory leaks plugged.  See
170          changelog for details.
172libglade-0.15: 22-November-2000
173        - many bug fixes and memory leak plugs (me, Morten, Federico, others)
174        - libglade now does `visible accel group' handling for
175          GnomeDruids as well.
176        - Install pkg-config .pc files so that you can get libglade
177          cflags and libs through the pkg-config system as well.  Due
178          to a small bug in pkgconfig-0.4, these files cause a segfault :(
179        - Updated bonobo support (Michael)
180        - You now need to pass the --enable-bonobo flag to configure
181          to build with bonobo support.
182        - small fix to headers so that they don't cause problems with
183          the C++ compiler in RH7.0.
185libglade-0.14: 10-July-2000
186        - radio menu item support (from patch by Mitch Chapman)
187        - make accelerators visible in GtkPixmapMenuitems.
188        - Added a glade_set_custom_handler to allow better control
189          over creation of `Custom' widgets.  This can be used by
190          language bindings or other applications that want more
191          control over custom widget handling.
192        - add tearoff menu items to menus if gnome settings say that
193          they should be shown.
194        - a few other bug fixes.
196libglade-0.13: 20-May-2000
197        - improved bonobo support from Michael Meeks.
198        - building documentation doesn't require an X connection now.
199        - accelerators for widgets on notebook pages are now only active
200          when the page is visible (Jon K Hellan).
201        - memory leak fixes (Morten).
203libglade-0.12: 13-March-2000
204        - fixes for GtkHPaned/GtkVPaned.
205        - handle progress bar attributes.
206        - dock layout should save correctly now for GnomeApp widgets.
207        - handle non stock menu icons in GNOME mode.
208        - added glade_xml_get_widget_prefix() function to get all widgets
209          whose names start with a certain prefix.
210        - added glade_xml_signal_connect_data() function that connects a
211          named signal and allows you to specify the data argument.  This
212          is a simple wrapper around glade_xml_signal_connect_full.
213        - bonobo support from Michael Meeks.
215libglade-0.11: 5-December-1999
216        - fixed some more problems that would cause segfaults on some errors.
217        - added support for GtkCalendar and GtkInputDialog.
218        - added assertions to some functions to try to pick up more runtime
219          errors.
221libglade-0.9:  20-November-1999
222        - don't crash when creating a GtkPixmap widget if the pixmap file
223          couldn't be found, or the pixmap file was corrupt.
224        - fixed bug with setting the window policy.  If you were using
225          libglade-0.8 and found you could not resize windows correctly, then
226          this bug should now be fixed.
228libglade-0.8:  16-November-1999
229        - fixed mem leak in the GtkLabel and GtkAccelLabel creation routines.
230          Also recognise the wrap property of these widgets.
231        - fixed the code for removing placeholders in the tree, so it actually
232          works.
233        - fixed the i18n stuff so it doesn't translate empty strings.
234        - take notice of more of the settings on GnomeDruidPageStandard's.
235        - don't depend on internal libxml structures.  This means that libxml
236          1.7.2 or greater is required, but libglade will be less likely to
237          break if Daniel changes the internal structures.
238        - fixed recognition of GNOME_STOCK_PIXMAP_EXIT.
239        - some justification fixes for some menu items.
240        - correctly name GnomeDockItems
241        - be more consistent with setting the properties of toplevel windows.
242          Also added support for the modal and default_width/default_height
243          properties.
244        - test-libglade.c is now dual licenced under GPL and X style licence.
245          This clears up any problems with creating a non GPL/LGPL'd
246          application using test-libglade as a starting point.
248libglade-0.7:  28-September-1999
249        - Fixed a bug where libglade would seg fault when you tried to load
250          a file that did not exist or was not a valid XML file.  This bug
251          was found by Michael Meeks.
252        - Fixed segfault when adding normal buttons to a GnomeDialog's action
253          area.  This fixes bug #2323.
255libglade-0.6:  20-September-1999
256        - libglade now honours the has_focus and has_default flags for
257          widgets.
258        - The correct default for can_focus (false) is now used.  This was
259          found by Miguel.  It should prevent the segfaults caused by
260          infinite recursion some people were seeing.
261        - Placeholders are removed from the interface as it gets parsed.  The
262          warnings were not really very useful, and there are times when you
263          want to leave some spaces blank (such as in tables).
264        - Fixed bug with setting accelerators that have no modifiers.  This
265          one was found by Paul Clifford.
267libglade-0.5:  7-September-1999
268        - removed some stuff to do with glade-keys.c I missed in the last
269          release.
270        - If a .glade file has been changed on disk since it was last loaded
271          by libglade, it is reparsed.  This should be helpful for libptb.
272        - New function glade_xml_new_from_memory for building an interface
273          from an in memory buffer containing the XML file.
274        - Better support for underline accelerators.  You can now set
275          underline accelerators on GtkLabel's, and get them to change focus
276          to another widget, click a button, or change the page on a notebook.
277        - Added support for the GtkLayout, GnomeIconList, GnomeIconSelection,
278          GnomeDruid, GnomeDruidPageStart, GnomeDruidPageFinish,
279          GnomeDruidPageStandard, GnomePixmap and GnomePropertyBox widgets.
281libglade-0.4:  24-August-1999
282        - Use gdk_keyval_by_name instead of a local hash table for looking
283          up key values for accelerators.  This removes a big hash table
284          from libglade's overhead.
285        - Radio buttons groups are really fixed this time.
286        - Table column spacing is correctly interpreted now.
287        - Support for the GtkPacker widget has been added.
289libglade-0.3:  9-August-1999
290        - Changed over to a SAX based XML parser.  This cuts down on memory
291          usage and increases speed a bit for the parser.  It also reduces
292          the number of malloc's and frees.
293        - Better handling of accelerator keys, including underline accelerators
294          for menu items and buttons.
295        - Miscelaneous bug fixes.
297libglade-0.2:  20-June-1999
298        - Radio group support
299        - The start of gnome support -- this code has been split off into a
300          separate library called libglade-gnome.  You can get the cflags or
301          libraries to link with the gnome code by calling `libglade-config
302          --cflags --libs gnome`.  Also, if you want gnome support, you
303          should call glade_gnome_init() instead of glade_init().
304        - I18N support.  Libglade can either use the current translation
305          domain when building the widget tree, or you can specify a
306          different one with glade_xml_new_with_domain().  There is also
307          a program called libglade-xgettext to help extract strings for
308          translation from an XML file.
310libglade-0.1: 27-May-1999
311        - Many fixes from many people.  This version should actually be
312          useable.
313        - Now includes documentation.
315libglade-0.0.3: 2-November-1998
316        - Forgot to include makekeys.awk -- this may have caused problems
317          for some people.
319libglade-0.0.2: 1-November-1998
320        - Updated to work with the changes Daniel made to libxml.
321        - Added support for keyboard accelerators.
323libglade-0.0.1: 25-October-1998
324        - Initial release
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