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1README file for building Moira (R)
3This is the root directory of MIT Athena's Moira service management
4system source code.
6Here are the steps for building the Moira source.
81.  If you want to build in the directory with the sources, run
9       ./configure
10    in that directory. If you want to build in another directory, run
11       /path/to/moira/sources/configure
12    from that directory. Note that for this to work you will need to
13    be using a "make" program that supports VPATH.
15    Some options you might want to use:
16         --with-com_err=PREFIX (defaults to util/et)
17         --with-krb5=PREFIX (required)
18         --with-krb4=PREFIX
19         --with-hesiod=PREFIX
20         --with-zephyr=PREFIX
21         --with-oracle=PREFIX (defaults to $ORACLE_HOME, if present)
22         --with-afs=PREFIX (defaults to /usr/afsws, if present)
23         --with-readline=PREFIX
25    (When building Moira on Athena, you should use the Athena source
26    tree file, either by doing
27         setenv CONFIG_SITE /mit/source/packs/build/
28    before running configure, or by using the Athena build system
29    script /mit/source/packs/build/
312.  cd to include.  Read through moira_site.h adjusting the paths to
32    what you want on your system.  Also change the #define of
33    MOIRA_SERVER to be the name of the server you are planning on
34    using. (Note that this is only used if hesiod lookup fails.)
363.  After configuring, run "make" to build everything. The server-side
37    programs will be built if Oracle was found by configure.
394.  Run "make install".  You may want to check that programs
40    are installed where you want.  Then add the appropriate
41    directories to your PATH environment variable.
43* Moira and Hesiod are registered trademarks of the Massachusetts
44Institute of Technology (MIT).  Kerberos, and Zephyr are trademarks of
45MIT.  No commercial use of these trademarks may be made without prior
46written permission from MIT.
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