source: trunk/third/moira/backup/dump_db.h @ 23740

Revision 23740, 657 bytes checked in by broder, 15 years ago (diff)
In moira: * New CVS snapshot (Trac: #195) * Drop patches that have been incorporated upstream. * Update to build without krb4 on systems that no longer have it. This doesn't build yet on squeeze, which lacks a krb4 library, but I'm committing now before I start hacking away at a patch to fix that.
[23740]1/* $Id: dump_db.h,v 1.6 2000-03-10 20:55:04 zacheiss Exp $ */
3#include <stdio.h>
4#include <moira.h>
6#define SEP_CHAR ('|')
8void do_backups(char *prefix);
9void do_restores(char *prefix);
11void dump_int(FILE *f, int n);
12void dump_str(FILE *f, char *str);
13#define dump_nl(f) { if (putc('\n', f) < 0) wpunt(); }
14#define dump_sep(f) { if (putc(SEP_CHAR, f) < 0) wpunt(); }
16int parse_int(FILE *f);
17void parse_str(FILE *f, char *buf, int maxlen);
18void parse_sep(FILE *f);
19void parse_nl(FILE *f);
21void wpunt(void);
22void punt(char *msg);
23void dbmserr(void);
24void safe_close(FILE *stream);
25FILE *open_file(char *prefix, char *suffix);
26char *endtrim(char *save);
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